I carried a watermelon…

I love watermelon. Its so refreshing¬†and sweet. But I hate picking out all those fiddly seeds. Covered in juice, holes in my melon ūüėģ, seeds all over the flipping place,¬†I had an epiphany… can you eat the seeds? Surely if pumpkin seeds and all those other seeds are nutritious, then watermelon seeds¬†might be too? And it turns out they are! Yippee! They are full of magnesium, folic acid, iron, protein, amino acids and omega 6. ¬†Sprouted roasted watermelon seeds are even being touted as a superfood. ¬†Yes, really.¬†¬†That sounded like way too much hard work, so instead I nutribulleted them, and the result was¬†AMAZING. Just add a couple of cubes of ice to thicken the texture up a little and you have a delicious and nutritious¬†drink. ¬†It would be particularly nice with a slug of vodka in it, too.

More about the health benefits watermelon seeds  and  watermelon seeds the new superfood  You can also try my super easy Watermelon Ice lollies here.

A perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up, with or without the vodka.


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