A little bit of Spain…. In Surrey

A few weeks ago we started getting an organic fruit and veg box delivery from Riverford Farms.  I love it!  Each Tuesday, I am quite worryingly excited to see what goodies it contains. Last week one of our little treasures was a big bag of padron peppers. They are lovely, tasty little green peppers fried and served as tapas in Spain.  So, feeling inspired, and with an autumnal nip in the air, we decided to make our favourite Spanish pork stew.  This recipe is from Jose Pizarro, and is one of our all time favourites.  We buy a big shoulder of pork and cut it into chunks, which is really economical.

Delicious with paprika roasted sweet potatoes and green beans, courgetti or just some good bread or toast for dipping.  Small boy turned his nose up at all vegetable accompaniments, as usual,🙄 but did eat it mixed into pasta. Result. I had it the next day for lunch with some grated raw courgette and carrot (it was a lazy day, spiralizing felt like way too much hard work).



Heat olive oil in a frying pan until shimmering. Throw in peppers and cook on high moving occasionally until skin is blistered and blackened in places.  Serve sprinkled with plenty of coarse salt for flavour and crunch.

Jose Pizarro’s Braised Iberico Pork with Tomatoes, Chorizo, Black Olives and Thyme

You can swap the 2tsps of sugar for maple syrup if you are going to be really fussy about it.

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